The Critic - starring Jon Lovitz
The Critic - starring Jon Lovitz
starring Jon Lovitz

Episode:  1
Production Number:  101
Original Airdate:  January 26, 1994

Written by:   Mike Reiss, Al Jean
Directed by:  Rich Moore

Special Guests:  Jennifer Lien as Valerie Fox
                          Gene Shalit as Himself


Film critic Jay Sherman falls in love with actress Valerie Fox.  Jay's
family and friends worry that Valerie is using him to get a good movie review but does she truly care for him ?

Opening Phone Gag

                       "Jay, this is your mother.  Your father and I are taking you out of our will.  We feel you already have
                       enough money. Oh yes, and happy birthday."

Opening TV Gag

                       An alien head with another alien head inside it's mouth comes out to frighten a women.  The alien head
                       kisses the woman and she smiles. (Parody of the movie Aliens 3.)

End Theater Gag

                       Jay says "Get away, Zitface !"

Movie Parodies

  Home Alone 5
  Rabbi PI
  Crocodile Gandhi
  Kiss of Death
  Family Affair: The Motion Picture

Movie References

  Valerie's new movie Kiss of Death is being compared to Basic Instinct.
  A critic says "The Pelican Brief is more like Turkey Too Long".
  Jay says he played Throws Like A Girl on the set of Dances with Wolves.
  Jay has a poster of Close Encounters in his bedroom.
  Jay wears a robe that reads The Color Purple.
  Jay wears a shirt that reads My Own Private Idaho.
  Jay has a poster of Lawrence of Arabia in his living room.

Did You Notice

  Jay's fake spray on hair is called "Hair in a Can".
  Doris wear's a hat that reads "World's Greatest Granny".
  Jay's movie rating scale is called "The Shermometer."
  Duke wants Jay to rate movies on a scale of "Good to Excellent".
  A segment on Jay's show is called "Star Poop".
  Jay wears a tight size 42 pants.
  "L'ane Riche" restaurant's light flashes to "The Wealthy Jackass".
  Jay admits to Valerie he is "sneakin' a peek at your McGuppies".
  Jay won a prize at summer camp in a pie eating contest but told Valerie it was for killing a bear.
  Jay's apartment number is "1202".
  Trump Tower sign reads "In Forecloser".
  "L'ane Riche" serves bottled alcohol called "JS".
  Margo attends Miss Hathaway's School for Untouched Girls.
  Franklin says "The peanut is neither a pea nor a nut".
  Jay killed Patches the pony by sitting on it.
  Jay plays the video game "Escape from the Big Apple".
  Jay watches The Michael Jackson News Network (MJNN).
  Jay has a "Daily Exercise" poster in his house.
  Sign inside Jay's taxi reads "Driver only speaks three words of English".  The words the driver says are "Look at Sign".
  Jay makes $271,000 a year for his job.
  A bus has a sign that reads "Pensa Cola".
  Valerie leaves for Paris on "Flight 107 Gate 33B".

Song Lyrics

"Beauty and King Dork"
    A story told through time
    Happening in New York
    He's a lemon
    She's a lime
    Beauty and King Dork
    He's Adam to her Eve
    She's Mindy to his Mork
    Her hair's like silk
    His hat a weave
    Beauty and King Dork

Created by:  Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Co-Producer:  Steve Tompkins, J. Michael Mendel
Produced by:  Rich Moore, Richard Raynis
Executive Producers:  James L. Brooks, Al Jean, Mike Reiss

  Jon Lovitz, Nancy Cartwright, Christine Cavanaugh, Margaret Cho, Gerrit Graham, Doris Grau, Judith Ivey, Nick
                Jameson, Maurice La Marche, Charles Napier, Kath Soucie and Brenda Vaccaro

Music by:  Alf Clausen
Theme by:  Hans Zimmer
Animation Produced by:  Film Roman, INC

A Toupee Production

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Opening Phone Gag
Opening TV Gag
End Theater Gag
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