The Critic - starring Jon Lovitz
The Critic - starring Jon Lovitz
starring Jon Lovitz
Dr. Jay

Episode:  10
Production Number:  110
Original Airdate:  June 29, 1994

Written by:   Jon Vitti
Directed by:  Dan Jeup

Special Guest:  Rod McKuen as Himself


Jay's boss, Duke, has just made a new invention,
"PHILLIPSVISION", which alters movies to make them more "likeable".  Jay is disgusted with Duke's invention but when Duke is discovered to have a fatal disease, Jay must find a cure for Duke's ailment.

Opening Phone Gag

                        "Hello Jay, this is the devil.  Despite what you think I am not the reason Cher won an oscar.  I am the
                         reason Marisa Tomei won an oscar. (evil laugh)"

Opening TV Gag

                        A monkey bangs on a rock vending machine with a bone.  Out drops a can of  "Pensa Cola" which the
                        monkey drinks.  (Parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey .)

End Theater Gag

                       Jay says "Is the snackbar still open ?"

Movie Parodies

  Smokey and the Spartacus
  One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
  Jurassic Park II

Movie References

  Marty impersonates Sylvester Stallone from Rocky.
  Duke says if he wants Citizen Kane's last word to be "Shwing" then that's the way it's going to be.  He then falls over and
    says "Rosebud.  I mean Shwing !".
  Jay refers to Lorenzo's Oil as "Phantacrap".
  Jay wants Gone with the Wind, My Left Foot, Terms of Endearment, Love Story, and Bambi original endings restored.

Did You Notice

  The small hill on the beach Jay stands on is really Marlon Brando buried.
  Adolf Hitler's dog's name is Shnitzi.
  Frances kid's cartoon hero is Winey Jacques.
  Jay stays at the Carlton International hotel.
  Jay's walking style in Duke's hotel is known as the elephant walk.
  PHILLIPSVISION is the name of Duke's movie changing invention.
  The New York Chronicle newspaper reads "Phillips Stock Soars on Death Rumors".
  Rod McKuen and Duke met at a cat lovers convention.
  In the scrabble game Duke invents the word "Quyzbuk" other words he previously made up were "Dukeliscous", and  
  Duke's building sign reads "Phillips Broadcasting Formerly Duke Phillips' House of Chicken and Waffles".
  Duke worships "Pan the goat god".
  Device used to kill patients is called "The Suicide Machine" with a sign of an old lady that says "You have to be as sick as
   me to use the Suicide Machine".
  There are 32 Jays when Duke has kaleidoscope vision.
  Cryogenics sign reads "Cryogenics Institute Home of the Corpsicle".
  Franklin invents the Fishma Baby Whirlamajig.
  Party sign reads "Duke Phillips' 'Hey Death, Get a Life' Party".

Created by:
  Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Co-Producer:  Steve Tompkins, J. Michael Mendel
Produced by:  Rich Moore, Richard Raynis
Executive Producers:  James L. Brooks, Al Jean, Mike Reiss

  Jon Lovitz, Nancy Cartwright, Christine Cavanaugh, Gerrit Graham, Doris Grau, Judith Ivey, Nick Jameson,
                Maurice La Marche, Charles Napier, and Kath Soucie.

Music by:
  Alf Clausen
Theme by:  Hans Zimmer
Animation Produced by:  Film Roman, INC

A Toupee Production

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Dr. Jay - Episode 10
Opening Phone Gag
Opening TV Gag
End Theater Gag